Monday, 19 May 2008

Should I sell this skirt?

I bought this skirt on Ebay a couple of months ago. When it arrived, it didn't look like the picture and I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I stuck it in the back of the cupboard and forgot about it. I took it out again with the plan of putting it back on Ebay, but when I put it on and styled it for the pictures, I quite liked it (this happens all the time, I should just stick to taking pictures of things on the hangers!). It's got a rock 'n' roll fairy kind of vibe done like this which I quite like. But on the other hand, it's still mad and the fact that the lining could have done with being an inch or so longer bugs me slightly. And I could do with the money. But it's unlikely to make a lot on Ebay anyway (sadly I am not a super-popular seller like Rumi). So what do you think?

Jacket TKMax, vest and skirt H&M, boots Dorothy Perkins.

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