Thursday, 15 May 2008

New discovery

A girl named Tavi left a very sweet comment on a previous post, so I went to check out her blog, Style Rookie. It is fab! Great writing style and adorable pictures:

And then I realized that I recognized her and that she is the friend of Stephanie of
Fashion Robot's sister who featured in that lovely photoshoot:

And she's 12!!!!!!! How does anyone get to be that cool at 12?! When I was 12, my mum still bought all my clothes so I looked like a little 45 year old woman in coordinating separates from Marks and Spencer! I am full of admiration, but may also need a little lie down to come to terms with the fact that I am old enough to be her mother!


Tavi said...

Wow, thanks!!! This was so sweet for you to do!!!!

Adri said...

It's genuine admiration, your blog is great!
It won't work very well as an advertisment though, far more people read your blog than this one :-)