Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Kate Moss collection update

I have now seen most of the new Kate Moss for Topshop range in real life. I think the quality is generally better than some of the previous stuff, and it was a more cohesive collection than the earlier ones, but I was still a little disappointed.

The pansy dress is pretty nice and the fabric is fine, my only complaint being that it is a little short, and I'm 5'5" so a tall girl wouldn't be able to sit down without flashing her knickers (it's also less orange than it appears in the photo):

The vest I showed in my previous post is less nice in reality, it's more purplish and a little tacky looking. It would still be cool as part of a rock chic type outfit, but I don't think I could pull it off. They didn't have the ruffled blouse.

The biggest disappointment for me was this dress, which I had actually ordered from the website first thing this morning and would have been the subject of a separate post:

The cotton is quite thin and see-through. The colours are not as intense as in the pictures, there are little sequiny things along the trim, and the, very thin, straps have beads all along them and so are not adjustable. It would be nice as a little beach cover-up but doesn't seem worth £45 to me.

The surprise hit for me was this T shirt:

The fabric is very thin but I like the shape and the embroidery is very neatly done and there are no tacky shiny bits. I still didn't buy it though because £25 for a thin T shirt is still a little excessive, especially as I rarely wear T shirts anyway.

Thinking about it some more, I think my feeling of vague disappointment is because I always expect more from the Kate Moss range than I do from Topshop as a whole. Which is partly because I admire Kate Moss's style and so expect something fabulous, but also partly because Topshop hype it so much and put the prices higher than their regular stock. If the prices were the same, I would be happier about only liking 20% of it. Of course really they should design a collection just for me :-)

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