Sunday, 30 March 2008

So, what does one write in these things?

I guess I should write a little introduction just in case anyone ever actually reads this. I'm writing this blog for several reasons. Firstly, I read a lot of blogs, particularly style and fashion ones, and love them. Recently I have felt the urge to communicate back the other way, I have thoughts, I have questions. Online blogs are also, at the moment, substitute friends. A year or so ago I had to move from the south of England to the north east. This meant leaving my job and all my friends, and the environment I was used to, as I have always been a softy southerner. I've found it a bit of a culture shock as I've come from a wealthy and pretty part of the south to an area that is quite deprived and in some ways a little backward (the panini is the new big thing here!). Blogs have been a lifeline as they've allowed me to feel connected to nice people who are interested in the same sort of things as me.

And me? I claim to be 27 (which is a lie, but not a big one!), I'm a freelance researcher and desperate housewife, I have a partner who drives me round the bend, and a cat likewise :-) I am creative, neurotic, compulsive, and love cats, shopping, and books. And now you know everything you need to know.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Hello World!