Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Happy Kate Moss Day!

The new Kate Moss Summer collection has arrived at Topshop. I think the collections are getting better, there are a few things I would be happy to own this time whereas usually there is one thing I love and everything else is meh. Although I have so far only seen it online, and last time much of the disappointment was with the quality of the materials. So here are some highlights from the website and I will update when I have been to the shop later:

A classic Kate teadress, £60

This is obviously a nod to her white Chanel floaty blouse, £40

There are always some embelished vests in the collections, but I tend to feel the price is a little high for what is, after all, just a vest, and usually in quite thin fabric, £28.

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The Clothes Horse said...

Kate Moss's collections are so nice--in my opinion. However, the US dollar definitely prevents me from making these purchases!