Friday, 13 June 2008

Oh look, winter again

Well we had 3 days of summer, but now we're back to winter again. Today's outfit picture was taken in a brief gap between rain showers. You do however get to see a different bit of my garden though, thanks to the tripod I got for my birthday.

Dress Primark via Ebay, jumper and shoes H&M.

Is it me, or does my head look a bit big in that picture? I hope it's just the angle I had the camera at and I do not in fact have an enormous head and have never previously noticed!


Tavi said...

I love the print of the dress! The tights are a great color, too. And you must be going crazy, because your head looks a very normal size. Which it is.

The Clothes Horse said...

Your head looks normal sized to me. I like the whole look and especially that forest green tights.

annah said...

i LOVE LOVE this look.