Monday, 9 June 2008

I'm back!

All week I have been running around doing fun things like cleaning and gardening, which do not lend themselves to sartorial elegance. Then I spent the weekend in a field wearing wellies and with a hairstyle created by dust, grass, and the effects of standing behind 20 hovercraft (do not even ask), of which I will not allow there to be any photographic evidence. Thus the total lack of posts. But soon, there will be outfits, yay! In the meantime, here are my fabulous sandals:

These are £15 from Topshop. They also come in tan (which I may get as well just because they will go with everything), shiny red, fushia pink, silver, and bronze, but I liked green best. I wanted galdiator type sandals because many bloggers have been looking fabulous in them lately, but didn't want to look exactly like every sheep on the street, thus the choice of green, which judging by the number left in the shop, have not been universally admired! So either I have fabulous taste, unappreciated by the masses, or yet again I am the weirdo!


Tavi said...

I love them! I never thought of green for gladiators, but I think it's a great look. As you said, not many people have them!

Miss Woo said...

Thats really cheap for sandals! I've been looking for some gladiator sandals too, but its really difficult to find the perfect strappy the ones I imagine in my head, haha.

The Clothes Horse said...

Those are lovely. I always want to buy the same piece in every color, but I never have (funds are limited!).