Monday, 16 June 2008

Do I give a fig?

When I got up this morning it was warm and summery. But now it has returned to the usual cool, breezy, and showery, boo :-( The whole stereotype of English people talking about the weather all the time is so true! But in our defense, we do have a LOT of weather, often all in the same day.
Anyway, here is my outfit as I originally intended and how it ended up being when I had to go out:

Top Miss Selfridge, jeans and black shoes New Look, jacket TKMaxx, sandals Pierre Hardy for Gap. The pattern is apparently a fig.

ION, my first in-real-life friend has been told about this blog and so is about to find out how deeply shallow I really am :-) Hi Katy!


yiqin; said...

The print is so unique, I love it! The weather changes quickly here too! When I feel cold, I will wear my lnog sleeves & when I step out I'll start perspiring I'll run back home for a sleeveless top1

Ida said...

I actually like the second version more:) It is very relaxed and chic at the same time. And the jacket is just perfect.

Tavi said...

Well well well, look at you, all high tech with your camera cord thing! Amazing jacket and I really love the pattern of the dress. Sorry bout your unfortunate weather, but it is so hard to dress well when it's 80 degrees and your only concern is comfort.

Miss Woo said...

Yay for those sandals! and I love the dress, you look so pretty in it!

Adri said...

Thanks guys :-)
I love the print too. I do like the second version of the outfit, but I just felt very short when I had to take the huge heels off. The shutter release cable is the best thing ever! My camera's timer is a nightmare so it is well worth having the cable show in the pictures to not have to run backwards and forwards for every shot.