Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Do I dare...

...go out in public like this?

Skirt H&M, jacket and vest Tesco (oh dear), boots New Look, flower Topshop.

Edit: Hee hee, I did it! I went to the post office and the supermarket. People stared. But tough, I am fabulous...well a little bit maybe?


The Clothes Horse said...

You should! You look darling. I am seriously in love with that skirt.
You've been linked btw.

Miss Woo said...

Well I think you look really cute! and the red flower brooch really makes the outfit pop!

annah said...

the skirt looks awesome!
i have a....hatred of denim jackets.
I hate them.
but, you rock it.
i think this would look AMAZING with a short black blazer, like the one i saw this french woman wearing at work today.
next time she comes in, i'll steal it for you =D

Adri said...

It was definitely a cute outfit, but I just worry that one day I will look too old for cute, but that I might not notice this fact and so go out looking ridiculous!

It does look good with a short black blazer, as Annabananna shows, but I didn't want to copy.
Plus, I don't want to be responsible for starting your life of crime :-)

Tavi said...

It's amazing!!! I've wanted a skirt like that for so SO long, you rock it quite well. it's so fashionable, people haven't any reason to stare. Hmmph.