Saturday, 14 June 2008

Oh dear I've been shopping again

The boyfriend is away so the compulsive shopper will play :-) Plus he owes me a present and shopping with other people's money is always fun! My haul was the usual selection of things I'm not sure about and thinking of returning. I'm sure it would be easier if I had someone to go shopping with, I might be able to make decisions before bringing things home if I had another opinion. Excuse the dark pictures, I didn't want to run up and downstairs for every outfit change so had to take pictures upstairs where the light is not so good.

First of all is a pair of shoes I am definitely keeping. I've wanted a light-coloured pair of cute shoes since I saw a girl wearing cream shoes with black tights. I already have these in tan, and then found this beige/cream pair in the New Look sale for £10, result!

Next are a couple of belts from Primark. The first is black and quite easy to wear as it is only a little wider than a regular waist belt:

The second is brown and very wide. I'm not sure if it works on me, but it cost £3 so isn't worth returning even if I never wear it (the second picture is my Sienna Miller impression!):

Now we get to the tricky stuff. This little skirt is very cute, but...I already have it in a different floral print, I will only wear it with tights (issues with the way my upper legs look sans tights), and I'm concerned by the time tights time comes back again in Autumn, it will be totally out of style:

And finally, another bandwagon I have leapt upon. This is the H&M kids skirt that about 8 million other bloggers have. Again it is fun, but will I wear it? It's quite short, and again tights are required (though that bothers me less as I think it will work ok in Autumn), and ultimately, am I too old to get away with it?

So, any views?


terren said...

All these outfits are so lovely! where did you get those wedges? and no, you are definitely not too old for that skirt. you look just as young as everyone else wearing it!

Adri said...

Well thank you :-) But I do look older in real life than in pictures. The wedge sandals are Pierre Hardy for Gap, they seem to be on sale/special offer for £35 in the UK!

The Exception said...

i love the outfits you've created! the look of the dark and light works perfectly! I'm definitely tagging you.
- Exception -

annah said...

wow! the brown belt is awesome! what a steal! i love with the the blue dress.
I love that white skirt, i think it's gorgeous. I wish i had the condifence to wear it! i'd look like a short, chubby ballerina! great look!!

yiqin; said...

I LOVE that H&M skirt. I am so jealous you have one near you! & my my, you have the most amazing shoes! & you look really good in the tights :)

emily said...

that white peasant-y dress is beautiful! very Stevie Nicks :)