Sunday, 6 April 2008

A search for the impossible?

Since reading an article about the resurging tunic/smock trend in Look (I know, all the other bloggers are reading Vogue and Lula, I'm such a chav!), I have been looking for one. This has proved harder than I thought, probably because I had quite a long list of requirements. It had to be colourful and patterned but not loud, long sleeves (because it's still pretty cold in the UK, and because I wanted to wear it under my blazer and elbow length balloon sleeves, which were everywhere, are a nightmare under jackets), have a wide round neck or V neck, and be long enough to actually be a dress rather than what Mina and the like tend to try to convince you is a dress (I'm looking at you 30 inch long "Fairytale Fantasy dress as seen on Sienna Miller"). A search of the highstreet produced nothing, or nothing that I could afford, so I turned to Ebay. I have now bought this:


But I'm interested/worried about what it will really look like since the images all look quite different (presumably due to lighting). Wait and see I guess

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