Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Here comes the sun?

This was my attempt to introduce a bit of summeryness despite it still being quite chilly and windy here in the North East.

Dress H&M, bag and tights Topshop, sandals New Look

In the picture you can also see the shutter release cable which is my new best friend! My, rather old, camera has the most infuriating timer ever. You have to select the timer from the menu, set it, and focus every time, which means lots of running back and forwards to get a shot I'm happy with. With my squeezy bulb and tube, I can do 20 shots in a minute or two and then pick the best one afterwards. From using this, I have learnt two things:

1) I can look good in photos. Generally I hate all photos, particularly those that I don't have control over, because I look bad in them, so this has been a revelation.

2) This is only true if I DO NOT SMILE! If I smile, I look like Cleetus the slack-jawed yokel at best, an escaped loony at worst!

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