Monday, 28 April 2008

Product review - Max Factor Beyond Length mascara

Beyond Length mascara, called Vivid Impact in the US, is a two stage mascara. It has two sections, each with their own brush, one with black lengthening mascara, and one with a coloured topcoat. You apply the black first, wait for it to dry, and then brush the highlighting colour onto the ends of the lashes. In the UK it so far comes in three shades, blazing black which is pink, moonlit black which is silver, and tanned black which is coppery. I believe there are two more shades in the US?

Image courtesy of an ebay seller

I have the tanned black version. When I first applied the black coat, I was surprised how spindly my eyelashes still looked. I don't think this is a flaw in the product, I'm just so used to volume building mascaras rather than lengthening ones. The brush was pretty good and gave good separation. When I added the topcoat I was a little disappointed that it didn't show up more, but it was pretty close up. The second time I tried it, I used an eyeliner of a similar colour and the two worked well together. The mascara stayed on well considering it's not a waterproof one and came off easily with eyemakeup remover. Overall I would say it's a quality product but with only a subtle effect. And I personally would be wary of the pink version as I fear it would have an albino rabbit effect on fairskinned people like myself.

I am not paid to write reviews and did not receive any free samples, boo!

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