Sunday, 20 April 2008

Oh denim doo-be-do...

When I saw this picture of a Gap denim dress in Grazia (excuse picture quality, the one in the magazine was very dark and hard to get a good scan of), a little lightbulb over my head went ping.

My lightbulb told me that I had a long denim dress from about 10 years ago stored in the attic. 2 hours (including about 45 minutes to find the flippin' thing) and some cutting and sewing later, voila:

No outfit post for yesterday or today as I have mostly been gardening which involves wearing very old jeans and a green duffle coat I have had since I was 14, not pretty :-)

1 comment:

ALIX! said...

hi! i have one denim coat like that.. how can I combine it with other clothes? how can u suggest me to use it? i know u have a great taste!!! please help! =D