Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Topshop do Prada

ION, I remember a blogger talking about Topshop doing their version of the Prada fairy bag. I can't remember who it was but on the off-chance that they read this, or that someone else who reads this knows who it was, it is now available on the website:

Topshop painted suede bag £45.


nv said...

I love that bag but I'd feel so guilty buying a rip off of the prada one...I'll maybe consider it but it is still quite expensive :(

elisabeth said...

i love that bag, my best friend nearly bought the real prada bag instead of a mac for her graphics course - thank goodness she didnt!

Mattie said...

wow, i hope topshop dosn't get sued for knocking off prada. anyway, i would wear this bag over the real one any day