Monday, 7 July 2008

Tag, you're it

5 things found in my bag
1. Very old denim purse that I will replace when I find one with the combination of pockets that I like
2. Pink phone
3. Keys with kitsch cat+Eiffel Tower keyring (present from boyfriend)
4. Shopping lists (I have turned into my mother!)
5. Passport, because despite being many years over the age requirment to buy alcohol, I still get ID'ed

5 things found in my wallet
1. Not a lot of money
2. Old train tickets
3. Proof of posting slips for Ebay sales
4. Donor card
5. AA breakdown card (for car, not alcohol problem! Very important as car is basically rust with wheels.)

5 favourite things in my room
1. My computer
2. My clothes
3. My pink Mathmos ball light
4. Books
5. 'Furious Cat' print (though actually that is now on the wall downstairs)
And actual cat who has just wandered in

5 things I want to do right now
1. Now that the shower is working again, dye my hair
2. Eat breakfast
3. Scratch the insect bite on my knee (aaaaargh, must resist!)
4. Read Elle
5. Inherit millions from the will of a mysterious stranger

5 things I'm currently into
1. Blogging (well duh!)
2. Shopping
3. Scrapbooking (I am a very sad person)
4. Animal Crossing - Wild World (as above!)
5. Baking

5 impressions of Annah who tagged me
1. She is very creative
2. She has lovely hair
3. She's so young, oh to be 18 again :-(
4. She takes/creates beautiful dreamy photographs
5. She finds nice dresses and looks great in them

I tag Andrea (a cat of impossible colour), Tavi (Style Rookie), and Amber (History books).


emily said...

i want to eat breakfast too. the food at my camp is terrible and i'm afraid i'm going to starve. D:

The Clothes Horse said...

Whenever I list the things I'm into (reading, writing, puzzles, etc) I always think about how "uncool" I sound...but I was never a cool cat anyway!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Thanks for the tag!

Honeymoon said...

U r a fashion addict ! If u want, I invite u to come to see some of the most beautiful heels, dresses and bags of the Paris fashion week !

See u !